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Xbox1 Accessories

We can provide many kinds of XBOX1 Accessories,including wireless controller, wired controller,charge cable,console stand and so on.Good material, good design and good price.XBOX ONE S controller is one of the hot item.We will test one by one before send out.We can provide OEM and ODM service.

Xbox 1 USB Joystick Gamepad Game Controller compatible with PC
1.Connect XBOX ONE host power with video output cables, then open the console power switch,  there is a corresponding power indicator on the host.And connect XBOX ONE controller USB cable with USB interface  on the XBOX ONE host,there are four channel indicator lights on the handle;2.Press the A button to enter, to operate;3.Put the game disc you like to paly into the host, according to the game screen using the handle to enter the game ,4.If XBOX ONE host connected to the network, you can access 3.5mm plug with voice-enabled headset for voice calls;5.All the function keys with the default key same as the original handle key.
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